K-Double’s Take: Bray Wyatt has become relevant...again!!

                                                                                      In recent months the spotlight has been dim on the WWE Star known as Bray Wyatt. He was a couple of months removed from a great feud with the Undertaker that led up to a ok match at WM31. To be honest with you since he split with the rest of the Wyatt family he has kind of slipped into the shadows. I don’t think I remember a single feud that he has engaged in since WM31 took place. So basically Bray Wyatt became irrelevant for about 3 months….

                                                                                    Then came the current feud that he sits in, the feud with the hated one Roman Reigns. Coming into this feud both men had kind of been sitting on the back burner. You can ask any wrestler sometime the right feud or set of matches can launch your career after a dead spot. This feud did exactly that for both of these men as they are in one for the ages. This feud started with Reigns being told “anyone but you” This needs to continue and see the fruition of Reigns becoming a superstar and Wyatt becoming the ultimate bad guy. But back to the point of this post, this feud with Reigns has made Wyatt relevant…AGAIN!!!

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