TRIU Match of the Week: © The Rock vs. Mankind (RAW) (1-4-99)

Monday Night RAW © the Rock vs. Mankind for the WWF Championship, No DQs

January 4th 1999 (RAW) © the Rock vs. Mankind (WWF Championship): As I look back at this match I think about what it takes to make a good wrestling match. You take two great superstars in ring, one that is a top bad guy (Rock) and cocky champion that overlooks the plucky and fan favorite ugly duckling (Mankind). You take a corporation who does not want to see the duckling get his well deserved title. But the rowdy rebels (DX) want to see the up and comer sticks it to the Corporation. Finish it off with an appearance by the Rattlesnake (Stone Cold) the greatest anti hero that the WWE has ever had and you have one of the greatest moments in RAW history and this week’s Match of the Week….

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