TRIU: The RAW IMPACT Segment of the Week!! 3/2/15

                                                                                                        What's up everybody this is ya boy Cole aka white thunder with this week's match of the week. wait... what... match? Nope this week we are taking the focus off of the sports part and rolling right into the most entertaining segment of recent memory. The intercontinental heavyweight wrestling championship who has it who deserves it and who will win it at wrestlemania! Dean Ambrose stealing it then giving it back to Wade Barrett then R Truths commentary while the whole time calling Byron Saxton "COACH" was gut busting funny then he steals the title. Later that night he runs into ambrose and ambrose says he wants it back R truth gives it up declaring 2 title changes in one night smackdown is on fire! Then Ambrose vs BNB on raw this week the title was once again stolen by R Truth and then took by Luke harper as Luke walks away with the belt BNB the rightful champ get distracted and ambrose gets the win. Later in the night Luke has a match where the belt is took by R Truth again but Luke catches him on the other side of the ring and takes it back as Luke reaches the top of the ramp a super kick out of nowhere from Dolph Ziggler connects and Dolph takes the title and climbs a ladder holding the belt high with the crowd going wild in support.  Now this sets up a 5 man ladder match for the ic title at wrestlemania 31. this match will surely steal the show. At this point I'm undecided on who to back my money was on ambrose but now Ziggler had to mess that up ha ha oh well either one of those 2 guys win and it will be justice for the wwe universe.  I just hope the title stealing last until mania.    - White Thunder

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